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We offer customized intravenous and intramuscular boosters to maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness, all from our relaxing lounge in the heart of Guelph, ON.

These types of IV or IM boosters are a safe way to administer therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals your body needs for your health goals. It is more efficient than taking vitamins orally, where many of the nutrients are lost. Boosters avoid gastric upset and nutrient loss and it increases vitamin absorption in the body when people suffer from absorption issues in the gastrointestinal system related to illness or medication. IM boosters don’t replace a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the benefits include: strengthens the immune system, improves skin,  increases energy, enhances athletic performance and recovery, improves overall sense of wellbeing.


*please note that bloodwork is required before all IV can be administered

Tissue Healer

Good for wound healing, post op healing, recent lacerations or injury to skin. May add glutathione.


Effective after expending a lot of energy, great for after a workout, competition, or marathon for replenishing your body.

Migraine Support

For those who are suffering from an accute attack, this vitamin boost with toradol may help you find relief.

Libido Enhancer

Naturally enhance your libido and bring your body back to center.

Skin Vitality

Helps promote healthy skin from the inside out. May add glutathione.


Helps you find your zen by decreasing stress.


Antioxidant and detoxifier, helps with inflammation and reduces oxidative stress in for symptoms of parkinsons and alzheimer’s.

Vitamin Boost

A multi vitamin – useful when feeling depleted, dehydrated, low energy, improves immunity and replenishes vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss

Boost your weight loss journey with effective IV boosters to help you shed the weight, burn stubborn fat, and support your body.

Immune Support

Supportive vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.

Custom IV

Don’t see what you need? Custom IV on request. Cost will vary.

* Weight Loss & Serenity are available as IM and IV. In an IV, they have higher doses, additional vitamins, and amino acids and can be more effective.


*Bloodwork isn’t required

Hormone Helper

Amino acids and vitamins to support hormone production


Meant for those who are anemic (bloodwork is required)

Weight Loss


To obtain the best outcome, each patient goes through an intake process and baseline blood work is obtained.

Whether you need an energy boost, immune support or are interested in health promotion and disease prevention, IM Boosters increase the vitamins necessary to meet your goal. Visit with our Nurse Practitioner Kim Rovers to discover your perfect booster.

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