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Livewell Health Clinic Nutritionist Kristin Diane

Meet Kristin Diane…

While living in beautiful BC Kristin developed a passion for hiking and all things wellness. After years of suffering from endometriosis, she began a transformation to create a more balanced lifestyle. Through health food, fresh air and exercise, Kristin was able to balance her hormones and is now living symptom free.

After moving home and completing her studies in Holistic Nutrition she began sharing this passion with others. Kristin continues to expand her knowledge of alternative health studying herbalism and the benefits plants can have on human health.

Kristin currently lives in Guelph, Ontario with her partner and dog “Chaps” and still enjoys hiking regularly. She is trying to learn French (slowly) and also works for a local small farm which helps her connect with food in her community. Kristin is an avid listener and enjoys helping people realize their potential through lifestyle transformation. Kristin specializes in female hormonal health, but also enjoys helping clients with many issues related to digestive imbalances, blood sugar irregularities and mood improvement.

Kristin is eager and excited to join the Live Well Health Clinic Team and assist you on your journey to wellness!