I see many different people in all kinds of settings. When they see their bloodwork, if there are no abnormalities, the response is similar – “I’m fine, look at that, I don’t have to make any changes. I only need to change if the bloodwork is abnormal!”

Would you really want to wait that long? The body wants to be normal and we can’t measure how hard the body compensates to produce those normal results. If you’re struggling with obesity, arthritis, etc , then do you want to wait until your body produces that abnormal result?

If you were to look ahead 10-20 years into the future, would your actions be helping you reach your health goals in the future? Are you on your path to being that person you want to be? Whether that is continuing to work until a certain age, being active, being independent without needing someone to assist in your care or needing medical devices to assist with basic care – you could have any number of health goals. Are you on that path to being the person you want to be with respect to your health? Sometimes that is a difficult question to answer. Some people know immediately whether they are or not. If you’re not, then what are you doing to get back on the path? What changes can you make to help you reach that goal? Is it changing your diet? Is it taking a daily walk? Is it meditation? Maybe improving your sleep? Are you taking the right supplements? There are so many things that influence health and they are individual to each of us. We will not all walk the same path – our goals and how we achieve them are so individual.

Take the first step! Get on your path to wellness! Live Well!